Green Fingers

We’ve been mostly successfully growing our own fruit and veg this summer. I remember the back of our garden having a wonderful allotment as a kid, shelling peas and picking runner beans so wanted to try and continue that. We’re pretty restricted to pots in our current house, as digging up the garden will be […]

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Been having a rough few days, I’m tired, toddler is ratty so I’m more tired so she’s more ratty and just doesn’t want to listen to me. Felt it was a day to reconnect.  She asked for very hungry caterpillar story this morning, so instead of reading verbatim as I usually do we read it, […]

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I hate allergies. Hate hate hate hate hate them.  I hate that my baby has poorly skin. I hate that her beautiful face is marred by three patches of bright red eczema that just won’t go away. That she cries when I put her cream on. That her ears are split and raw and bleeding. […]

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The perils of no 2.

This is a long hard post to write, but I need to get it out somewhere.  It seems as soon as you have settled with your first, everyone is asking about your second. Literally, strangers in the street, distant and close family, friends. My physiotherapist. Everyone. It seems an odd question, not one I will […]

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Plans to charge parents £45 a tin

I’ve just read a disturbing story. Croydon commissioning group plan to charge parents for formula milk previously prescription only for babies that are allergic to milk.  This scares me, really scares me. As an ‘allergy mum’ I know the struggles of parents of children who have one or more allergies. The worry, the fear, the […]

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Gina Ford…

Bear with me on this one. It gets better. Where do I start? I like her. Well, not her specifically, of her methods but I like the idea of it all working. Before you bash me (or her) let me explain.  I liked the idea that I know what I’m doing when. I like the […]

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The curse of secret santa

It is by it’s very name a curse. Secret. I spend time and effort choosing gifts for everyone, and selfishly want some of the glory when I see the person get them. Equally, because you get no glory you can get away with no time and effort and still get something in return.  I often […]

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