Crafty Bean

When I was pregnant I had grand ideas of all the crafting I’d be able to do. All this time whilst baby was sleeping or resting. Ha. How naive was I?  Two weeks ago I remembered I still hadn’t painted my advent calendar I bought well over a year ago. As Lion is nearly two […]

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Autumn Lions 

I love Autumn. The colours, the leaves, that little chill on your cheeks when you’ve wrapped up warm while it’s cold outside. There’s also something a bit mischievous too, staying up hours after it’s gone dark to realise you’re still in bed at 10pm. Snuggling down under the duvet. Last year Autumn was upheaval for […]

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I remember as a child going to our town’s Rugby Club and watching the fireworks. Nearly the whole town would be there. There would be a massive bonfire, hot food and a fireworks display. Unfortunately as people stopped paying and started just blocking the road to watch it was cancelled. Shame.  This year with a […]

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It’s the small things…

Haven’t really written much about the baba’s allergies which I’ll save for another day. It’s too much to write now. She’s allergic to dairy (cows milk protein), eggs, nuts and soya. Next time you buy something check the ingredients – it’s difficult trying to find things without one of those in.  Every time we are […]

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To some it’s a swear word this early in the year. Something that begins on December 24th, and ends on December 26th. To others it begins in earnest as soon as is reasonably acceptable. I’ve known people who put up their decorations in November.  Supermarkets and shops do it right- I’m sure there’s decorations out […]

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The curse of the tired baby

0550 this morning I had a lovely wake up call of whingey baby. I walk in her room to be greeted with a hopefull ‘Daddy?’. No baba, it’s Mamma and she’s not feeling great. Off we trot downstairs for milk and cuddles and playtime until I can bundle her off to nursery and get back […]

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The sick shower

I think every parent dreads the day their baby is sick. They’re so helpless, don’t understand, forlorn. I have a distinct dislike of being sick and very, very rarely am. I had a sicky baby – she was sick all the time but that was baby sick. Nothing compared to the deluge that covered her […]

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I don’t have

I don’t have a flat stomachIt’s rolls were multiplied But little do I care right now,  This baby by my side. I don’t have toned arms as such,  A little extra there,  But as my baby snuggles in I don’t really care I don’t have rested eyes,  A young and dewy face But up all […]

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Hello morning. 

Boy am I glad I didn’t stay up watching that last box set episode now thinking it won’t be an early start. 0615 and the toddler is up, I’m sat with my friend coffee in hand for, you know, the days you don’t have to be up early and the toddler starts crying at Oh […]

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The Boy and the Baby

In March 2014 we finally had enough predictability in our chaotic lives to get a dog. Having wanted one for years, this day was momentous. A quick google, a few phonecalls and the next day this fat, flatulent, fluffy bundle of chocolatelyness was ours, a chunky chocolate lab of 12 weeks old. Completely stupid but […]

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Awesome mum alert 

Some days I actually wonder how someone thought it was a good idea to put me in charge of a little person. It took me long enough to accept there was a crazy man who likes me enough to spend every day with me until one of us dies. It’s very difficult functioning, washing and […]

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