Gender Disappointment

This is a hard post to write, because no one wants to admit they were truly disappointed with the gender of their child. Really, who wants to own up to feelings that aren’t anything but love to an unborn (or newborn) baby? There’s so much misunderstanding and just plain un-understanding (non-understanding?) about the pain of […]

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Happy Mother’s Day

Losing mum isn’t hard on only one or two days of the year, or more hard today than any other day although it’s pretty damn tough. It’s worse on the days where you’re not prepared for it, when something catches you unawares. On holiday, where we’ve had an amazing time and want to share it […]

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Losing mum

You never imagine a time to be without your mum. It’s not something I ever even thought of or really considered a possibility. I remember a conversation as a child, vividly, talking about how mum would be an orphan if granny died. Mum replied ‘well yes, I suppose I will’. I didn’t realise with the […]

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How to make bird feeders

‘Borrowed’ this idea from the wonderful National Trust, homemade bird feeders for the garden. Was a great 10 minute activity with my mini me, and the best bit is we can keep reusing them. Sadly we don’t get many birds (yet) so hoping these will help encourage some. All you need; Pine cones String and […]

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February Challenge

Better late than never! For February we aimed to cut down on unnecessary car journeys and walk more. We started off well, walking one of the two ways to Nursery every nursery day, but sadly we just live too far in the middle of suburbia to do much more with one with such little legs. […]

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The real truth

Parenting has recently gone instaglam. Parents all trying to make it look like having children is a breeze, like walking on a cloud with their tidy houses and calm, perfectly presented children children wonderfully behaved. Beautiful pictures fill my news feed daily and it’s hard not to think this is real life. Artfully arranged ethical […]

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The rise of the WAHM

I work in a job with lots of acronyms. In fact, two complete different sets so it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that motherhood came with a complete new set. DD, DS, DH, SO, BF, EBF,BLW… it’s full of them. One though led me into a complete new world. A naive young me saw […]

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The pressure of Christmas

Christmas. The most magical time of year. The culmination of months of anticipation- my planning starts in the summer in earnest but really starts Boxing Day. It’s such a pressure though. I feel frazzled- not just the physical preparation but the mental too. The need to make it perfect, the competition on presents (anyone else […]

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Here’s the story of my homebirth with no2. It’s currently 0100; he’s been awake two hours and no sign of sleep yet. Contractions started at 40+6 and boy was I ready for it. I’d had three days where they’d started and fizzled out, and I was so over being pregnant. I was apparently a stroppy […]

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The waiting game

It seems like pregnancy is one big long waiting game and I’m just not good at waiting. I waited diligently every month to ovulate, to try again. I waited the two weeks to test, analysing every symptom. I waited until the twelve week scan, to make sure there was a baby and that they were […]

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Toddler tantrums 

Where do I start? Mostly, we’ve been very lucky (or perhaps it’s gentle parenting) and not had many examples of full blown ‘terrible two’s’ (God how I hate that phrase) tantrums. In public, if we have I’ve stayed calm, ignored everyone around us, chatted through the problem at her level and usually resolved it quickly. […]

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