Happy Mother’s Day

Losing mum isn’t hard on only one or two days of the year, or more hard today than any other day although it’s pretty damn tough. It’s worse on the days where you’re not prepared for it, when something catches you unawares. On holiday, where we’ve had an amazing time and want to share it and know she’d have wanted to hear all about it or you’d planned to take her with you one time. When the kids say something funny and you know she’ll laugh, when we buy something with puffins or foxes or we see daffodils, or I forget reality for a second and ring home.

Through all the tough times I remember what mum gave me and although she’s not here for me to say it, I hope she knows I’m so thankful. She gave me unconditional love and support. She gave me the confidence and belief I could be a mother. She listened and supported me to do things my way, not criticising but respecting that I do things slightly differently. She accepted she too could learn from me, as I could her. She helped with wise words, sent me little parcels from afar and best of all built memories for us all. It wasn’t always plain sailing and we certainly disagreed but from a place of love and mutual respect.

Without her, I wouldn’t be half the mother I am today. We have love in our hearts from her and will never forget my wonderful, kind, caring mum.

Happy Mother’s Day mum. I hope you’re watching over us and smiling down ok us all from afar. This rabble are growing every more wonderful every day. We all miss you xxx

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