How to make bird feeders

‘Borrowed’ this idea from the wonderful National Trust, homemade bird feeders for the garden. Was a great 10 minute activity with my mini me, and the best bit is we can keep reusing them. Sadly we don’t get many birds (yet) so hoping these will help encourage some.

All you need;

  • Pine cones
  • String and scissors
  • Lard
  • Birdseed

We went for a very rainy walk to find some pine cones. They were all closed but was a great learning activity to bring them in, dry them and watch them open over the next few days.

Once dry and ready we followed some simple steps – it can get messy so had a rag on hand for greasy hands and hot water for the plates.

Step 1- tie the string onto the pine cones.

Step 2. Melt the lard until soft. I did this in the microwave in short bursts. Then mix in some seed until well covered.

Step 3. Pack all that yummy mix into the pine cones. I really squashed it in. It’s quite therapeutic and for kids great dexterity skills, plus the slimy texture is fun to explore

Step 4. Roll the balls in loose dry seed, and leave to dry.

There you have it. Homemade bird feeders in minutes.

Here’s a link from the RSPB to all the things you can put in your fat balls. Gardener’s World advises not to use turkey fat as it can coat bird’s feathers.

Happy bird feeding!

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