February Challenge

Better late than never!

For February we aimed to cut down on unnecessary car journeys and walk more. We started off well, walking one of the two ways to Nursery every nursery day, but sadly we just live too far in the middle of suburbia to do much more with one with such little legs. She valiantly tries, she’ll happily run the mile home from nursery and often cries if I turn up without the dog to walk her home but the amenities are just that bit too far to make walking worthwhile and not have a complete and utter meltdown (I salute mum’s who do it out of necessity. Seriously. Kudos). The weather also had us a little beat, mini monster is just three months old and the weather was a little harsh to really have him out in it. I don’t mind wrapping up warm, but draw the line at us all getting soaked in pouring rain and howling winds if not entirely necessary.

I did probably cut half my journeys though, and was much more mindful of making sure I did multiple errands at once to cut down on journeys. We discussed the bus and will be using this more where we can- sadly time is often against us with the irregularity of service around here. 39 weeks pregnant, 2 year old and an empty, foldable pushchair and I was rudely refused entry into a bus because he already had two prams despite us a) waiting 40 minutes for a supposed every ten minute service, b) it being -3 and c) my ever so patient toddler having a screaming meltdown because she’d so patiently waited getting excited for the bus and he said no. He assured me one was minutes if not seconds behind. 20 minutes later when one turned up I was in tears and this bus driver was fuming. He’d have let a suitcase on so why not a folded pram?

Anyway, I managed to only buy one bag so January’s challenge is doing well and halfway into March the habit of walking more is starting to stick. We’ve stopped driving to the hills so much to walk the dog (although this I feel is a little unfair as he loves it so we’re making the most at weekends) and toddleface is certainly upping her mileage, happily walking 2 miles easily now. Hopefully we’ll continue as summer comes (yeah right, it’s snow again) and really get into the walking habit. It’s just too easy to use the car for everything and I really want to stop that where I can.

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