The rise of the WAHM

I work in a job with lots of acronyms. In fact, two complete different sets so it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that motherhood came with a complete new set. DD, DS, DH, SO, BF, EBF,BLW… it’s full of them.

One though led me into a complete new world. A naive young me saw WAHM and thought it was a brand. A quick google set me straight (although sadly never found the maker of those dungarees) and I was entered into a whole new world of the work at home mum.

Mum’s who encompass their talent whilst running a family, a little side business some might say, or a hobby, but actually a secret workforce tirelessly balancing the needs of their children whilst producing some amazing products. I try and support small businesses where possible and more than ever am I sucked into the world of the WAHM. Beautiful, often organic clothes and jewellery and produce (and hopefully ethically produced although only they know how hard they push themselves and hopefully they make them self a cup of tea every now and then) is slowly creeping into my home. I started with baby wearing boots from Sewn Down Purple Lane. I already use CSP so some extras from Rackenzie Z were kindly gifted by a friend, have some reuseable kitchen roll tucked away in a drawer for spills and use ‘special face wash cloths’ (have to persuade the toddler to be clean some how and using mummy’s make up remover pads is one way) and gifted some for Christmas from a little something sewn, and have some absolutely gorgeous harem pants in matching fabrics from purple owl clothing. These I pretended were from Santa and were such a hit I think every year Santa’s gift will be a handmade something. As long as I can get away with it of course! I also have a wonderful aromatherapy bracelet from lunar drops, and am currently coveting some artwork from the very talented pens and positivity art. Oh, and a chilly noodle hat.

Think I need to find a secret talent!

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