Here’s the story of my homebirth with no2. It’s currently 0100; he’s been awake two hours and no sign of sleep yet.

Contractions started at 40+6 and boy was I ready for it. I’d had three days where they’d started and fizzled out, and I was so over being pregnant. I was apparently a stroppy hormonal mess (I thought I was fine!) and ready for my baby.

0345 and I woke with a pain. By 0415 I’d had a few and allowed myself to dream this was it. It was painful but not unbearable, I stayed in bed and breathed slowly through them. 0430 the regular sleep thief toddlerface appeared and climbed into bed with us. Luckily, she promptly fell asleep. Unluckily it was on top/to the side of me so I couldn’t move- I breathed through maybe another 5 contractions before I allowed myself to dream much and get up.

By now it was 0600 and I couldn’t get comfy. Contractions were anywhere between 8-11 minutes apart. I made toddlerface lunch and packed it in a bag. Getting more painful now too, so I swept, tidied, got the biscuits out ready. Rang the homebirth team midwife and just let them know I was in labour. I received the joyous news it was my midwife on for the day which was lovely. I woke husband and told him it was time to get sorted.

At 0730 my contractions suddenly ramped up to every 5 minutes so I rang back the midwives and they sent mine straight over, along with the gas and air delivery man. We blew up the pool and toddler woke up so I organised her breakfast and to go to the neighbour’s for the duration.

The next couple of hours were a bit of a blur of contractions, the second midwife arriving, frustration at how slow the pool was to fill (my husband did an amazing job of filling it with kettles and buckets and the tap) and just chatting. I just pottered around breathing through contractions and waited very impatiently for them to say ‘yep, in you get’.

It seemed baby and body were waiting for that relief of getting in the water as I didn’t have much of a break. Contractions ramped up massively and the pain, well I don’t want to put anyone off but it hurt. Gas and air didn’t really cut it, I guess it helped a bit but I did ask to be knocked out, and for paramedics to bring some morphine!

45 minutes after getting in the pool, with a big push and dramatic entrance arm first breaking his waters as he came my little boy was born. I was too tired and emotional to catch him but he was lifted up onto me and oh the relief it was over. I remember anxiously checking he was crying, which he did, almost dropping him back in the water (midwife grabbed him!) and just sobbing into my amazing husband’s arms.

I got out the pool about ten minutes later, and we got warm on the sofa. I hated the feel of the placenta and really wanted to try a natural third stage but after about 40 minutes it got a bit much and I asked for the injection. I was then sutured (2nd degree tear and labial laceration) whilst trying to persuade baby to latch which he eventually did. Two hours after giving birth and the pool was packed away, I’d showered and was at the neighbour’s picking up my baba. Those precious few minutes with her were amazing, she obviously knew something was up as she wouldn’t leave the house to go to the park apparently, and I got the most massive cuddle ever. To be able to do that was magical- I really think it helped that I went and got her, that daddy was holding the baby when she came in and oh was it so lovely to see her reaction. She was besotted and still is with him.

After not being fussed about a homebirth I really wouldn’t change it. For me it was the perfect birth and I only wish I could have videod it to watch it back. I was so proud birthing at home with limited pain relief and so happy I got my water birth. I’d recommend it to anyone.

Just never again!

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