Just let clothes be clothes

There’s been a big story rising for a while, and one that I’ve interestedly been following. The rise of gender neutrality, and in particular clothes.  John Lewis recently announced their clothing would no longer be separated but be ‘boys and girls’. I for one was very excited at this. Not because I bring my child […]

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Grimm’s Rainbow Tunnel

I bought us a Grimm’s rainbow last year and patiently stashed away for baba’s 2nd birthday in January.  It’s been amazing. We make a ‘heart’ (stack them up and watch them fall down), a ball run, sculptures, beds, and thanks to a new guide published on Facebook so much more.  Yes they’re expensive but how […]

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Green Fingers

We’ve been mostly successfully growing our own fruit and veg this summer. I remember the back of our garden having a wonderful allotment as a kid, shelling peas and picking runner beans so wanted to try and continue that. We’re pretty restricted to pots in our current house, as digging up the garden will be […]

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