Been having a rough few days, I’m tired, toddler is ratty so I’m more tired so she’s more ratty and just doesn’t want to listen to me. Felt it was a day to reconnect. 

She asked for very hungry caterpillar story this morning, so instead of reading verbatim as I usually do we read it, discussed te pictures, got her counting and identifying the food and talked about butterflies when I was hit with a lightbulb idea. 

From my craft box I pulled some paint and a couple sheets of card. I got her to help me fold them, then I dotted paint where she pointed as her hands aren’t quite big enough yet and her grasp would empty half the pot probably so felt this was easiest. She loved guiding me, picking the colours, making patterns. We then squished the card together, along the fold and I helped her squish the paint in a rough butterfly shape. Opening up and her shrieks of excitement were amazing! I let her drizzle glitter over the paint and we placed aside to dry. The repeated. Again and again (and in true toddler fashion again and again!). 

The card takes a while to dry- we tried paper first but it didn’t really hold up as well, and you have to make sure the paint doesn’t blob on too thick. 

So pretty though, relatively mess free and can talk about colours, pattern, symmetry, etc. I could have kept going on and on but have run out of card. Just waiting for them to finish and I’ll draw on some antenna, perhaps cut them out but I quite like the look. Think they’d make an amazing inside out birthday card too

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