Gina Ford…

Bear with me on this one. It gets better. Where do I start? I like her. Well, not her specifically, of her methods but I like the idea of it all working. Before you bash me (or her) let me explain. 
I liked the idea that I know what I’m doing when. I like the idea that if someone asks me out for coffee I could say ‘yeah, baby sleeps till 11 so 11:30 good?’ and actually mean it, rather than frantically shove stuff in a bag as I’m boobing whilst running out the door then finding baby won’t sleep and screams the place down. I like the idea I know what’s happening when, that I am in control. See the main word in this? I? I like, I wanted. Baby didn’t like it and it’s not just about I anymore. 

I know Gina is bashed, all the time and now I’ve had a mini monster of my own I don’t agree with her methods at all. I tried, I’ll admit I tried. I read the book, again and again and again. I tried to work out which routine my baby was in, stressed about why she wasn’t asleep when ‘prescribed’. We both got stressed- her because I was trying to put her down for a nap when she wasn’t ready, or hold off her feed, or just she wasn’t doing what the book said. We were both happier when completely baby led,  but I still felt stressed that she wasn’t in a routine. 

I read lots of parenting books with techniques. None of them fit us. We learnt slowly together. And so much happier. Even now, I can’t predict naps. How long or when. She has milk morning and before bed and sometime in between. Same as me. Drink when I’m thirsty. 

Parenting is finding your way. Not trying to love someone else’s.

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