Christmas is coming

How do I know this? Is it because I’ve received lots of cards, wrapped loads of presents and am busily prepping for next week. Or because I was up at 0600, then making mince pies at 0630. 

Today is baba’s Christmas party at nursery and it struck me she would miss out. I’m not keen on too much sugar for babies, however she came home crying from nursery the other day saying cake. I think she missed out on birthday cake and whilst she’s still a bit young to really understand why it must be so hard. So 6am there I am baking vegan mince pies so she doesn’t miss out because of stupid allergies. Oh, and I let her help. We had a great time. Spreading out flour, rolling pastry and cutting the bases and trees for the top, sticking fingers in pastry, licking mince pie spoons, making a sticky messy ball of dough to play with with the leftovers.  It was lovely to spend time with her, see how she’s grown up so very quickly. Especially when she insisted she cleaned the table (side) and then cried if I wouldn’t let her. 

Christmas is about traditions and I hope these are some we’ll continue. Making mince pies, cooking together, making memories. And hopefully the mess gets less as she gets older…. next time is at Granny’s house ready for santa 🎅🏻

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