Simple Sunday

Today is our last true family weekend before December and silly season hits. The next few weeks are going to be that busy that I’m creating a ginormous planner to go on the wall. Kind of advent calendar I guess. 

Yesterday was Daddy Daughter time whilst Mummy was busy. Off they trotted to the conservation park to see Baba’s new favourite animal, monkeys. Today, after a 5am wake up off to Costa we trotted (Mummy needed caffeine) and Poundland to buy some toys. Tonight Baba and I are heading to Christingle and the local church have asked for donations of toys for children and families much less fortunate than ourselves. I’ve happily purged the toy box of excellent condition toys, and bought a few little bits to supplement them. I am lucky in I can afford to give my baba the things I’d like. I can’t imagine the pain and heartbreak of having to decide, heating or food or presents. Christmas is about giving and sharing. Our gifts are small but I hope they make a child (and a mother) smile for just a little bit. 

Right now baba is fast asleep on me, having woken and decided two hours wasn’t enough for a post swim nap and Daddy is finishing cooking tea. Here’s hoping it’s edible 😲

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