I remember as a child going to our town’s Rugby Club and watching the fireworks. Nearly the whole town would be there. There would be a massive bonfire, hot food and a fireworks display. Unfortunately as people stopped paying and started just blocking the road to watch it was cancelled. Shame. 

This year with a nearly two year old it was a bit cold and loud to go anywhere with her. We hat a baked sweet potato for tea, then we sat and watched the fireworks from the sofa and the upstairs window and she cried when they had finished. Next year with ear defenders we’ll be off. 

Sunday morning and after waking lots overnight from the bangs then up early because she wet through everything I decided to try an idea I saw on another site. It was so easy- I piece of paper, ideally dark, three toilet rolls (or one per colour) and some paint and off you go. 

1. Cut equal slots in the toilet rolls all the way round, about 1/3 of the way up then fan out. 

2. Put paint in a circle on a plate- I found putting a blob in the middle didn’t work. Dip in your fireworks tubes then stamp on your paper. 

Easy, and very effective. Metallic paint or adding glitter to your paint would be amazing. 

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