Autumn Lions 

I love Autumn. The colours, the leaves, that little chill on your cheeks when you’ve wrapped up warm while it’s cold outside. There’s also something a bit mischievous too, staying up hours after it’s gone dark to realise you’re still in bed at 10pm. Snuggling down under the duvet. Last year Autumn was upheaval for us. We moved 250 miles to our new home, settled into nursery and work and were hit with the inevitable coughs and colds and infections that lasted us all through winter. 

This year I’m determined to enjoy it. Lion is nearly two, she’s walking and talking and loves being outside- it’s probably her favourite word after ‘snack?’. I thought I’d have a go at a craft I saw on Pinterest. Usually they’re big fat fails but this one turned out great. 

First we went and collected some leaves. We had great fun, crunching the dry ones, kicking them, throwing them in the air and looking at the colours and patterns. We took them home and left them overnight whilst Lion got messy painting a paper bowl yellow. 

The next morning we stuck some googly eyes on and I added a nose (black Pom Pom) with some strong glue. As she’s still quite little we stapled the leaves found the bowl to make his mane. Older kids could use PVA. I then drew on nose and mouth, and we hung up in the kitchen. My house isn’t stylish, clean- it’s full of art and colour and Lion’s pictures. 

My husband regrets now not setting up the Go Pro and doing a time lapse as overnight the leaves curled beautifully. 
Here’s some pictures;

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