Simple Sunday

Today is our last true family weekend before December and silly season hits. The next few weeks are going to be that busy that I’m creating a ginormous planner to go on the wall. Kind of advent calendar I guess.  Yesterday was Daddy Daughter time whilst Mummy was busy. Off they trotted to the conservation […]

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Remembrance Day

I love Remembrance Day. I love the tradition, the sentiment, the parades but most of all I love the pride it gives me in my country and now in my job.   I was a St John Badger as soon as I was old enough to go. ‘Mummy I want to be a doctor’ I […]

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Crafty Bean

When I was pregnant I had grand ideas of all the crafting I’d be able to do. All this time whilst baby was sleeping or resting. Ha. How naive was I?  Two weeks ago I remembered I still hadn’t painted my advent calendar I bought well over a year ago. As Lion is nearly two […]

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Autumn Lions 

I love Autumn. The colours, the leaves, that little chill on your cheeks when you’ve wrapped up warm while it’s cold outside. There’s also something a bit mischievous too, staying up hours after it’s gone dark to realise you’re still in bed at 10pm. Snuggling down under the duvet. Last year Autumn was upheaval for […]

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I remember as a child going to our town’s Rugby Club and watching the fireworks. Nearly the whole town would be there. There would be a massive bonfire, hot food and a fireworks display. Unfortunately as people stopped paying and started just blocking the road to watch it was cancelled. Shame.  This year with a […]

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