The sick shower

I think every parent dreads the day their baby is sick. They’re so helpless, don’t understand, forlorn. I have a distinct dislike of being sick and very, very rarely am. I had a sicky baby – she was sick all the time but that was baby sick. Nothing compared to the deluge that covered her and I tonight. 

Cuddly after nursery, she snuggled in on the sofa not wanting a snack, just whimpering in tiredness. That in itself is unusual- she’s usually a gannet eating everything in sight. Picked her up to go have tea and bam. More sick than I knew a tiny human could possess, all over me and her and everywhere. 

I feel totally helpless when she’s ill. I can’t fix it, I can’t take it away. I know how rotten I feel and how much I hate being sick and I really feel for her. I’m confused as to what to do for the best. Do I get her to sleep in with me? At this age she can’t vocalise how she’s feeling, will she or I know she’s going to be sick? I think every parent feels the same, scared, angry, upset that their precious child is not well. 

Here’s hoping for a good night 

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