Hello morning. 

Boy am I glad I didn’t stay up watching that last box set episode now thinking it won’t be an early start. 0615 and the toddler is up, I’m sat with my friend coffee in hand for, you know, the days you don’t have to be up early and the toddler starts crying at Oh for bleeps’s sake o’clock, and breakfast is ready. 

At least she sleeps through I guess, that’s some blessing now although I realise I’m incredibly lucky. And she is being amazingly cute. Almightily cute actually. I can’t decide if it’s just her, or she’s really happy because she thinks she’s not going to nursery.  She’s also currently entertaining herself (if you call hitting a wonderfully patient dog with a balloon on a stick entertaining herself) and very sweetly attempting to jump. I can see one foot off the ground so it’s getting there. Usually I give her the sofa cushions to jump off at home, nice and low and soft. On our walk home yesterday someone had heartlessly dumped a load of sofa cushions. From behind me an arm flings out and a little voice cries ‘jump’. Erm, not on those baby! Did have to laugh though.

There’s only one thing I really don’t like about the early mornings though…..off to change the night nappy

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