She fell asleep in her food again…

I seem to say this with alarming regularity to my husband. Our daily evening chat and there seems to be an all to common sentence cropping up time and time again – ‘she fell asleep in her tea’. 

My toddler eats a lot. She’s tiny,  with a typical big toddler belly. But boy can she devour some food. On a recent holiday to Bluestone she found her way to her crackerbread at least 3 times every day as the cupboards had no locks. She can easily eat as much as me in a sitting. 

In a week she’s learnt the words ‘cracker’ ‘chicken”Apple’ and ‘milk’ although she’s known the sign for th for ages. Then yesterday she kept begging for cereal even after tea. Pointing at the box, she kept shouting ‘seal’. Then promptly eat half a bowl and fell flat asleep. A week before sat at the grandparents table eating crackerbread when all went quiet. We glanced over. Fast asleep. 

I absolutely love it when she does it. She hasn’t yet face planted into her food (waiting for that amazing moment) but it seems to be an increasing event. I’ve even been met with laughter when picking her up from nursery ‘she fell asleep in her high chair today’. 

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