Is it just me or is there anyone else who hates socks? Yep, detest them and if I never had to wear/see them again is I’d be so happy. M

herds a few things I hate about socks;

1. The go missing in the wash. I wear them, they both go in the wash basket. Between there and finally getting round to pairing them up and I have nine odd pairs but not a single matching one. At last count I have thirteen individual baby socks. I didn’t even know she had thirteen pairs, let alone enough to have thirteen odd ones.

2. They’re hot. And sweaty. And I can’t stand them rubbing together on feet with no shoes on. Eugh, makes me shiver.

3. They smell. I know that’s partly why we wear them, but a quick sniff to check if clean or just dropped accidentally and I can’t smell anything for a week. Oh, and I’m right off cheese.

4. They fall down. All the time inside my shoes, they wriggle down and wedge under the arch of my foot.

5. They’re just wrong. Hot, scratchy, sweaty balls of wrongness.


It almost kills me I have to wear them daily for work. Really want a job where I can just wear toms or Birkenstocks all day.

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