The clothes obsession

I’m a little bit obsessed with clothes for Little Lion. Like literally obsessed. I stalk the selling pages, eBay and new releases looking for bargains and new stuff of my favourite brands, mostly organic cotton ones such as Frugi and Piccalilly. I love the bright, vibrant colours and the softness, Piccalilly especially is wonderfully soft.

Its a bit of an addiction though, and at the expense of my clothes. I realised, dressing her in her outfit the other day that I haven’t bought me anything this year. Nothing. Nada. I was carefully choosing her outfit to go to a friend’s barbecue and I was dressed head to toe in Primark and all over a year old. Now, there’s nothing wrong with Primark at all, I actually really like some of their clothes and I am a bit tight with my money too (unless it’s for the baba on which case I’ve mysteriously misplaced the ‘off switch’) but it seems a bit of a contradiction to have beautiful, ethically produced organic cotton baby clothes, and mass sweat shop produced cheap clothes for me.

The clothes I buy for her though- wow. So soft, pretty, vibrant and beautiful prints and patterns. I can’t find much to rival it on the high street. The second hand market for these brands is booming with Facebook selling groups loyal to every brand and more with a huge amount sold each day. I’ve even had the odd hissy screaming fit at those who use sniper tools on eBay as unfair, but mainly gutted I was too lazy to use it and lost out within the last second. It’s great mostly- you search out an item and say ‘yes please’, pay by PayPal so some buyer protection and a few days later through your letterbox it comes ready for a new life with you whilst it’s old owner goes off and buys new and exciting items. It embodies the ethics of most of their loyal followers ‘waste not want not’.

Me? I feed my obsession relatively cheaply allowing me to buy those all important new releases (eldroth dungarees – amazing (Piccalilly) and Bobby appliqué t shirts (Frugi)- such lovely patterns) without feeling too guilty and still helping the world.

If only they made more adult clothes….


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