Awesome mum alert 

Some days I actually wonder how someone thought it was a good idea to put me in charge of a little person. It took me long enough to accept there was a crazy man who likes me enough to spend every day with me until one of us dies. It’s very difficult functioning, washing and […]

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The wide awake club

Sleep. It’s almost an obsession of parents and seemingly friends, relatives, your long distant cousin, your old schoolteacher, and random strangers in the street. Everyone asks two questions of new mum’s ‘is he/she good?’ (Don’t get me started on that one) and ‘does he/she sleep through?’. Its precious, we’re all told we need more of […]

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Baby’s room

Baby’s nursery. It’s one of the things I think first time parents, particularly mum’s (not always but mostly) are most excited about. Decorating the baby’s room. It’s a stereotypical pregnancy thing the nesting instinct – mum’s spending hours pouring over designs, regularly shown in TV shows/films as an important part of the build up to […]

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Is it just me or is there anyone else who hates socks? Yep, detest them and if I never had to wear/see them again is I’d be so happy. M herds a few things I hate about socks; 1. The go missing in the wash. I wear them, they both go in the wash basket. […]

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The great breastfeeding debate

I couldn’t let World Breastfeeding week go by without at least thinking of my journey. Most things I see written are fervently for or against it, or seemingly ambiguous. I’m the latter. I’m not a breastfeeding warrior, but I breastfed my baby at least in part until a year old and would still be now […]

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Hello world

Not only is this blog about here and now, but the past and the future. Birth stories are out there, everyone who has given birth has one. I think it helps to share them, to read them and Little Lion, this is yours.   Nine days overdue and I’m getting fed up. It’s hard, for […]

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The clothes obsession

I’m a little bit obsessed with clothes for Little Lion. Like literally obsessed. I stalk the selling pages, eBay and new releases looking for bargains and new stuff of my favourite brands, mostly organic cotton ones such as Frugi and Piccalilly. I love the bright, vibrant colours and the softness, Piccalilly especially is wonderfully soft. Its […]

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