Cloth bum mum

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I’m always asked why I use those funny nappies, or isn’t that a lot of work when I tell people Little Lion has a cloth bum. Yes it is a bit of extra work, and yes I do use those funny nappies but to be honest I love them.

When pregnant and doing research into everything I came across cloth nappies. Intrigued, I discussed it with Daddy who wasn’t really keen. Neither of us knew a lot about it, and found the wealth of information out there confusing, conflicting and just downright difficult to understand. We compromised, and went for cloth wipes. I bought a cheeky wipes kit, packed away the stash of baby wipes i’d bought/been given/freebies at the back of the bathroom cupboard and set up my lovely soft cloth wipes ready for Little Lion to be born.

We got on well to start with. To be honest, so naive was I to the difficulty of being a parent that actually disposable nappies suited us at the beginning but we both loved the cloth wipes. I used cotton wool and water for a couple of days until I thought about it and realised the cloth wipes were exactly the same. I loved that they were wetter than baby wipes, and cleaned much better. They were softer too. With a very sicky baby and milk leakage I was washing every day so to add a bag of dirty wipes was nothing. They were easy, multi use, Earth and pocket friendly, smelt better and just all round much nicer than disposable wipes. I used up my stash of those going out and about.

Fast forward a few months and I still have a very sicky sickly reflux T baby who is eventually diagnosed with cows milk allergy (CMPA). She tummy slept from very early on much to my paranoia (see tummy sleeping post) and so starting drenching the bed every night. Asking advice I sized up, put nappies on backwards, put two on but being a girl and on her front she was still drenched every morning. I didn’t want to wake her to change her overnight and when she woke for boob (frequent) she fed straight back to sleep again.

It was at this point a friend said she’d lend me some night nappies. A new friend, I was at the point of trying anything and had thought of them before but wasn’t sure. She lent me some two parters and wraps and explained them well. I jumped in and tried them (would have tried anything at this point) and they were brilliant. Sure I had leaks but not as frequent as before and mostly user error rather than absorbency. I was hooked, into the world of cloth nappies I went with a husband who was supportive of my choices but no real opinion of his own ether way.

Its been well over a year of cloth nappies now and I still love them just as much. Have slowly changed the majority of my stash after finding out what works for Little Lion and have easily saved money on disposables. I buy and sell as I fall in or out of love with new designs, I’m not fussy about them previously being used as I wash hot before use and all they do is get peed and pooed in really. Sure, some of the days nursery send her home in her third change of clothes and treble my wash basket or I’m tired from work and don’t want to strip them ready for washing it is hard, but a few minutes and the extra work is done and I can feel better knowing I’m not contributing to the millions of tonnes of landfill we create.

Its really helped elsewhere for me too. I recycled loads before but trebled my efforts now. I look at greener, more ethical products for home, clothes etc. I have absolutely no regrets.


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